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(Left to right: Zoe Zayachkivsky, Patrycjia Kaplon, Rosie Rodden, Ella Daniels, Ruby Tant, Maggie Walters, Helen Miller, and Adam Laycock)

The University of Edinburgh, Biology 🌿SASE team have been working on researching the biodiversity and habitat of the Cross River Gorilla. The focus has been on the symbiotic relationship between the critically endangered cross river gorilla and their habitat.

Lear more about their work and get to know the team in their natural habitat; visit the SASE Instagram page

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Updated: May 2

Samuel Kilner presenting research on the habitat and biodiversity of the Cross River Gorilla in the Lebialem Highland to Cross River Gorilla Project Chair, Dr. John Daniels on Newcastle University Campus.

SASE, Marine Biology and Zoology members include: Samuel Kilner, Oliver Starling, Eleonora Reggiardi, Charlie Batchelor, Julianna Harsfai, George Hamilton, Nick Przemioslo, and Rok Konda

Get to know our team and follow SASE on Instagram

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